A286 Steel Definition and Specifications

A286 steel is also used for gas turbines particularly for shafts, vanes and blades. This is particularly used in the offshore oil and gas platforms where high levels of stress and heat are likely to affect the components.

The alloy has excellent strength and oxidation resistance at high temperatures, even as high as around 1300 degrees F which equates to 700 degrees C.

The automotive industry are also known to use A286 Steel extensively.

A286 is an iron-nickel-chromium alloy and also has titanium and molybdenum added.

Carbon insert tools are usually used for machining this alloy as high temperature alloys are much more difficult to machine than other steel products such as stainless steel.

As well as high temperature usage A286 steel can also be utilised to work with very low temperatures  -anything from room temperature to as low as -320 F which equates to -196 C.

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Inconel 718 In Extreme Environments

Inconel 718 alloy has several unique properties that make it an interesting metal alloy in a variety of industries. They can and are normally used in environments that require some kind of resistance to corrosion and heat while still demanding for the retention of all if not most mechanical properties of metals. Further to this, Inconel 718 is oxidation and corrosion resistant and is therefore well suited for use in those areas that are defined as extreme environments which are normally subjected to high kinetic energy and high pressure variations.

When the alloy is heated, it naturally forms a very thick and stable layer that protects the entire metal from any further attacks. The alloy is also known to retain its strength over a wide band of temperature range. This makes it an attractive alternative for use in areas where metals such as aluminum and steel will fall prey to creep because of crystal vacancies that are thermally induced.

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